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kpopace4ever: LOOKING FOR AN ADMIN? I would love to become the admin to take over. I don't know where the apply form is. So . . . what info do I need to give you?

Hello! It’s not really an apply form, you just have to give me your email address (the one that you created your tumblr account with) so I can promote you to being an admin.
There’s not much things to do, besides being in touch with the latest news about the boys, you can use for their updates and other things mynamesg, but make sure that you leave credits.
If you’re a member of their fancafe or any other sites dedicated to them it would be highly appreciated :)
Sorry for the lately answer.

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Hello everybody, Karla here. As you may see, from personal reasons, Rachel can’t take care of this blog anymore so, I really don’t want this blog to be lost, if there’s anyone that wants to become an admin, leave me a message and I’ll answer back. I can’t take care of this blog either, because school has been taking over my time, I’m getting prepared for some international exams and I really don’t have time for tumblr. Drop in an apply form and I’ll answer to you asap :)

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I will no longer be Admin of this MYNAME tumblr.

Due to personal reasons, I am leaving. I hope a new Admin will help take control and lead well. Bye guys!


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Hey Guys, Rachel again. Both Admins are currently busy with college and work, just life in general so another Admin is needed to keep the page running! We need to keep MYNAME fans updated so it would be GREATLY appreciated if someone could do that for us. Thanks! Just message us if interested!


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120927 Star: Shining Love VIP Premiere

cr: Name Value via mynamevalue@youtube

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seyong playing with the puppy

(Source: wooyoung)

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MYNAME - Summer Party - Japanese song teaser

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MYNAME - Message Japanese Version

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MYNAME comeback video

"Hello & Goodbye"!

Any impressions? - Karla

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MYNAME Comeback teaser “Hello & Goodbye” 2 - Dance version

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MYNAME comeback teaser “Hello Goodbye”

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[TRANS -TWEET] 120430
The weather today is very hot right? Ke
I’m Chaejin ke
The hyungs are here now so I have to go practice^^ Sorryㅠㅠ We are working hard so please wait for us a little longer. I…. Love you^^

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[TRANS -TWEET] 120430

The weather today is very hot right? Ke

I’m Chaejin ke

The hyungs are here now so I have to go practice^^ Sorryㅠㅠ We are working hard so please wait for us a little longer. I…. Love you^^

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[TRANS/INFO] 110612 Shibuya MyName event

Thank you so much for always supporting MYNAME.
We will hold a『MYNAME PREMIUM EVENT~title is undecided yet~』at SHIBUYA-AX on 11th June!
We’ll inform you more details in a few days. Please look out for it!


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Suggest a cool and original name please !!! And don’t forget to vote ^^

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Hello everyone, Karla here.

I want to apologize to everyone, including Rachel for not being able to do my job as an admin properly. My schedule is full at the moment, I am involved in different projects and meetings, I am now the founder of a local fanclub and on top of that, my exams are pretty close, and since time differences suck and school takes over my free time, I can’t do many things.

I will try to be in here as much as I can, and if it’s necessary, Rachel can hire another admin that can take care of the blog.

I am sorry again and I hope you’ll understand.


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